The Best Lighting for the Holidays

The Best Lighting for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and you are probably eagerly making preparations for family to come into town. You may also be thinking about your holiday lighting. After all, the holiday season is full of lights, from decorating your home or business to adding decorative and accent lighting for the season. Capitol Lighting Gallery, a premiere lighting showroom located in Raleigh, North Carolina, offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor lighting from the best lighting manufacturers in the industry. In addition, we offer ceiling fans, furniture, and home decor items. Learn more about the best lighting for the holidays below, and contact us today.

front porch lighting

Front Porch Lighting

Front porch lighting is some of the most beautiful lights, and they can greet your guests as they arrive in a way that ensures they arrive safely. From hanging lanterns to sconces and flush mounts, there are many different varieties to meet your outdoor design decor needs. Consider different finishes for added texture, as well as the number of lights that can truly make a big difference.

Island lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting

You'll be in your kitchen a lot this holiday season, baking wonderful breads and sweets to fill your home with wonderful aromas and cooking family meals where you and your family can enjoy each other's company. Having the best kitchen island lighting can really brighten up your space for all of your cooking tasks, as well as add a wonderful shine to this cherished space.

bedroom lighting

Accent Lighting in Your Bedroom

You may forget about your bedroom lighting during the holiday season with so much emphasis placed on exterior lighting. However, this is a much-used space that should deserve your attention. Take a good look around and see where lighting could bring additional shine and ambiance to your space. Wonderful accent lighting pieces include picture lights or recessed lights to a favorite bookcase.

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Decorative Lighting in Your Guest Bath

You definitely don't want to forget the guest bathroom, especially if it will be used a lot this year. There are many great ways to add decorative lighting here, from a wall torchiere in a wonderful design to a small decorative lamp that sits on a small table or shelf.


When thinking about the best lighting for the holidays, consider Capitol Lighting Gallery in Raleigh. At our best local lighting store, you can always speak to a lighting designer to get their expert opinion on lighting and ideas as to what would look lovely in your particular space. Plus, we offer wonderful lighting to brighten your holiday season. Have a bright holiday season, and shop with us today!

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